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No job is too big or too small for us when it comes to renovations. Our previous projects range from small patios additions to full lift, raise and renovation of a pre-war dwelling involving a Development Application (D.A). 

We can assist you every step of the way and are happy to do a little as simply preparing plans or as much as organizing all auxiliary services including Certification, Engineering, Energy Efficiency and sourcing builders for quoting. 

Looking for an experienced building draftsman service in Moreton Bay, Brisbane? You have come to the right place. At Strathpine Design & Drafting, we deliver fully compliant & comprehensive building designs for an as easy as possible approval from local authorities.

As every home and apartment is subject to be compliantly designed under local city plans, you will require an experienced building draftsman service when planning to build homes in Brisbane & Moreton Bay. Measuring every legitimate rule during the designing process is necessary to avoid planning mistakes and future construction costs.

BDAQ Registered Building Draftsman Services for Moreton Bay,Brisbane

From a sole operated business to winning multiple awards, we have been striving for over 30 years to make our client’s dream home come true. We are registered with the Building Designers Association of Queensland, offering vast knowledge and experience in being able to improve the liveability of your home in the cheapest way possible. 

In addition to supplying higher than industry standard quality plans our building draftsman services also include 3D designs so that you can have better understanding of how your proposed project will look like even before construction begins.

We’re not just designing dream homes but also helping our valued clients with proper documentation and getting easy approval from local council & building certifiers. 

Our Building Draftsman Services includes-

We are highly regarded as a trusted building draftsman services in Moreton Bay,Brisbane .  We have hands on experience for wide variety of constructional projects. To know more about our service, please contact us at- (07) 3881 2033

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